Invited talks

SIPS2022 Mizutani International Symposium (27-30 November 2022, Phuket)
  • “Higher Manganese Silicides: Incommensurability and Thermoelectric Properties”
    Yuzuru Miyazaki (Invited lecture)


33rd International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-33) (13-17 November 2022, Nagoya)
  • “Carrier density control of CrSi2 partially substituted with Mn”
    K. Tasaki, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Poster)
  • “Preparation of (Mn, Fe, V)Siγ Single Crystals for Infrared Absorption Optoelectronics”
    T. Chiba, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Poster)
18th European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT’22) (14-16 Septemper 2022, Barcelona)
  • “Reduction of Thermal Conductivity of Mg2Sn Single Crystal via Lattice-Defect Engineering through Chemical-Pressure Control”
    K. Hayashi, W. Saito, Z. Huang, K. Sugimoto, K. Ohoyama, N. Happo, M. Harada, K. Oikawa, Y. Inamura, K. Hayashi, T. Miyazaki, and Y. Miyazaki (Oral)
  • “Realising enhanced thermoelectric performance in partially substituted higher manganese silicides crystals”
    N. S. Chauhan, I. Ono, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Oral)
  • “Point Defects and Thermoelectric Properties of Melt‐grown Mg2Ge Single Crystals”
    H. Takeuchi, Z. Huang, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Poster)
The 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Semiconducting Silicides and Related Materials, 2022 (APAC-Silicide 2022) (30 July – 1 August 2022, Online)
  • “Partially compensated (Ru, V) co-doped higher manganese silicide single crystals”
    N. S. Chauhan, I. Ono, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Oral)
Virtual Conference on Thermoelectrics 2022 (VCT 202) (20-22 July 2022, Online)
  • “Preparation and High-Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Textured Cobaltate Ceramics”
    Y. Shimizu, K. Hayashi, and Y. Miyazaki (Poster)